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+ - Melters
+ - Drum melters
+ - Thermo-controlled hoses
+ - Slot dies for hot melt
+ - Laminators for hot melt
+ - Automatic guns lines and dot application
+ - Automatic guns spray and spiro application
+ - Supervisors for hot melt adhesives
+ - Calanders
+ - Converting turnkey lines low speed
+ - Converting turnkey lines high speed
+ - Converting turnkey lines narrow webs
+ - Controls
+ - Turn-key retrofit of existing lines
+ - Application of dispersion adhesives
+ - Electronic controls for adhesives
+ - Converting
Automatic guns for glue lines and dots
Automatic guns for spray and spiro application
Calanders and thermocalanders for high and low speeds
Calanders for 2-layers roll-to-roll lamination
Calanders for 3-layers roll-to-roll lamination
Calanders for boards and sheets
Check & Coat slot dies with controlled flow
Complete systems for wide webs and high speeds
Complete systems for wide webs and low speeds
Custom Concept high precision slot dies
HF slot dies for high frequency intermittent applications
High Precision Slot Dies
High speed calanders and coating station
Hyper-Coater and Hyper-Laminator coating stations for hot melt adhesives
Inline systems for low and high speed
Kompak slot dies for high outputs/h
Melters for high melting rates - from 160 to 1000 kg/h
Models BA - from 2,5 to 80 kg/h
Models DM20 and DM5 - for 20 lt or 5 gal adhesive tanks
Models DM200 and DM55 - for 200 lt or 55 gal adhesive tanks
Models MITSU - from 2,5 to 160 kg/h
Models MITSU 40 for low melting rates
Multiple coating heads for glue lines and dots - up to 6.000 mm application width
Multiple coating heads for spray and spiro adhesive distribution - up to 6.000 mm application width
Off-line systems for low and high speed
Quick Pattern Change slot dies
Retrofit of existing lines or integration on new machines
Slot dies for narrow web up to 1.000 mm
Slot dies for wide web up to 6.000 mm
SV slot dies with adjustable coating width
Turnkey lines - as General Contractor
Turnkey lines - as General Contractor
Web-Coaters and compact Laminators
+ - Assembly
+ - Dispersion coating
+ - Hygiene converting
+ - Furniture and wood working
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