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Top Coat systems

HIP-MITSU “Top Coat” systems – International patent – for the application of dispersion water- or solvent-based adhesives, gels and lotions enable a precise and accurate adhesive distribution onto the substrate’s surface.

Very flexible, versatile and easy to use, they enable a wide pattern application range, as represented in the figures and motion pictures here below.

Working width: from 0,3 up to 6.000 mm
Coating weight: from 0,3 up to 500 gr/sqm
Working speed: from 1 to 200 m/min
Application: both continuous and intermittent
Application tolerance:
extremely precise
Capacity control and setting: electronic
Adhesive pattern: full coating, breathable, multiline
Adhesive viscosity: starting from 30 mpas/cps
Adhesive type: water- or solvent-based
Adhesive re-circulation: standard
System cleaning: automatic, taking place in a few minutes     
Time required for product change: 2 min                         
Alternative polymers: dispersions, gels, lotions…
up to 150 Hz
Pumps for adhesive injection: external or integrated
Line supervisor: various models available, at different levels
Increase of product’s dry residue: HIP-MITSU coating heads for dispersion products allow a considerable increase in the percentage of dry residue of the polymer/adhesive to be applied.

Increase of line speed: consequently a considerable increase in line speed, with same oven length, is achieved, thus enabling a strong increase in production quantity.

Emission reduction: for the same reason, in case dispersion solvent-based products are used, a significant reduction in environmental emissions is guaranteed, thus reducing costs for drawdown of fumes coming from the machine.

Quick product change &  easy to clean: the design of HIP-MITSU slot dies allows to change in very short time the polymer used in production.

No foam – higher speed: differently from roll applications, no foam is produced in reaching high operating speeds, thus allowing a significant increase in line speed.

Energy saving: a significant energy saving (Euro/sqm) is achieved, thanks to an application modality requiring, on basis of the same production output, less energy for the adhesive drying process.

Extreme application precision, both in cross (CD) and machine (MD) direction: different HIP-MITSU models ensure any precision rate required from different applications.  

Quick change of coating width: the change of coating width is performed fully automatically, without any need to stop the main line.

Change of coating weight: systems do not require any set up in processing coating weight variation (gr/sqm).

Extremely flexible and multi-pattern: enable the realization of “full coating”, “multi line” or “breathable” applications; all applications can be either “continuous”, “intermittent in MD” and “partialization  in CD”.

Pattern change: pattern change can be fully automatic.

All-in / All-out: particularly unstable products can be processed in the “all-in /all-out” service modality, avoiding any stay time / stagnation in the slot die.

Steel-on-steel tightness.

Easy inspection:
all distribution channels are easy to be inspected.
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