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Albert Einstein once said:
"1000 theories and analyses can be nullified by a single experimental result, but no experimental result could ever be invalidated by 1000 theories"

... the moral : WE MUST RUN TRIALS !!

HIP-MITSU Competence Center, equipped with the most advanced technologies and production lines, helps you during the application development, enabling adhesives, polymers and materials testing.

Headquarter is located in Italy, approximately 15 minutes from the international Venice and Treviso airports.

Free Demo in real production’s conditions are available every day at HIP-MITSU, so you can test hot melt adhesives converting machines, adhesives application equipment, lines and systems.

A full assistance to you during each phase of the project
HIP-MITSU gives you highly qualified support during the R&D phase, focused on the achievement of new coated and/or laminated products.
The full range of services includes:

  • Polymer/Adhesive’s research:
    Thanks to well-established co-operations with the main Research Institutes, the most suitable product for the realization of a coated/laminated substrate fulfilling customer’s requirements is quickly individuated
  • Sampling and preliminary production series:
    Tests execution and preliminary production series in real conditions on substrates/polymers/adhesives using production lines
  • Project Engineering:
    HIP-MITSU multi-skilled and English-speaking team put at the customer’s disposal a long experience in Project Engineering
Well-tested methods help you to develop a new product in a short time
Thanks to HIP-MITSU well-tested methods and criteria, which have been introduced and valued in the most important seminars all over the world, you will be able to develop in the shortest time your new product and see it realized in our laboratories

Available lines, equipment and systems
In each specific market section you will find the complete list of equipment available in our Competence Center

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